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“In 2023, NITY Needs U!”


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Tuesday, November 29, 2022 is Giving Tuesday.
This will mark the official start of UNITY’S 6-day appeal to U.

Each year we ask people to recommit to a level of financial support for the year to come.  Last year 304 households made a pledge of financial support. We prayerfully aim to top that this year.  And, as we did last year, at each interval of 50 households, we’ll do something special to mark the moment! Last year we did things like bucket dumps and pies in the face.

If you pledge before November 29th
You can make a suggestion in your pledge form comment box for what we should do to mark those 50 household intervals. Be creative!

Last year’s appeal was done as a part of a 70-hour, non-stop live event on Facebook and our Web site. We went to worship, high school soccer games, Adventfest and talked to partners and members here and around the world. Member pledges of support went up by around 10% and so far this year’s giving is largely confirming that (we’re up a little over 5% right now, but year-end is always the most definitive part of the year). This year, we’ll do a variation on that approach.

Starting November 29th, for six straight nights, from 7:00-9:00 pm,
We’ll be live on Facebook and our Web Site.

This year, we’re going to pay special attention to our ministries within UNITY and also the many partners who utilize our buildings. We’ll include conversations with them and each other and we’ll end each night with a brief prayer or music service. We’ll start on Giving Tuesday and continue through Sunday, December 4. We’ll call this our Focus Week.

MOST OF ALL, the last few years have really knocked us off track when it comes to YOU helping with and receiving from all of our ministries. We call this “Time and Talent” or “volunteering.” There’s almost no area where more of YOU wouldn’t be a blessing. Do you love the music in worship? We need more people to make it! Can you fix stuff? We need more folks with handy skills. Able to cook anything edible? We need people for potlucks, and partners, and when another household could use a night off from cooking because of some loss or gain in their lives. It’s a big list. We hope everyone can step forward to be part of one or two things.

Between now and our Focus Week, you can go ahead and pass GO. Go to our website, click on the homepage picture of multicolored tree labeled “Stewardship” and there you can go to our Time and Talent page (please, please, please…) and you can also make a financial goal for 2023. If you give by some form of regular digital giving (bank transfer, credit card, etc), please consider updating your commitment for 2023.

For 2023

We will repeat last year’s giving request options. Given increased costs and our goal of increasing support for benevolence partner please consider,

   •  A 6.7% increase in your giving for 2023 would help accomplish that!
   •  If you feel especially able, could you consider 10%?
   •  If you want to do more but not that much, a 3.3% increase gets us half-way!

Increase, decrease or steady, remember that anything you share financially is a great gift to all of UNITY. It’s fun to share when there’s a crowd of saints doing it and when good things happen because of it. We are UNITY and for 2023, let’s have fun remembering that NITY Needs U!

Mary Huss, President
Adrienne Krueger, Treasurer
Phil Roemaat, Finance Chair
John Horner-Ibler, Pastor
Sherrie Lorbeck, Pastor
Muriel Otto, Pastor


What Your Gifts Support

  • Christian Education & Confirmation, and Sr. High – hundreds of young people learning their Christian faith.
  • Music ministries for all ages, weekly opportunities to learn and connect, and joyful worship at the heart of it all.
  • Learn More about our partners at Genesis House, Bread of Healing Clinic, Hephatha Church, Hebron House, Serenity Inns, World Hunger Food Pack, Rutilio Grande, Cordero de Dios.
  • Your financial gifts support these and many more missions!


Church as Family

    Please complete your Giving Goal for 2023. This allows you to think about how much you can support UNITY's ministry and help our church plan for the coming year. Then share with us any needs or prayer requests. Lastly, we encourage you to think about one way you can share of your time. Thank you for sharing of yourself and your gifts.
    Use the tabs above for the following tasks,
  • Save time and submit your giving goal online!
  • Download a Giving Goal Form and an EFT Form to fill out and submit on paper.
  • Submit a Time & Talent Form On-Line or download a paper form to turn in later.


Your Contributions

  • Time and talents are not to be underestimated!  UNITY has a long history of huge amounts of volunteer hours.
  • If you can consider a 3.3%, 6.7%, or a 10% increase in your giving, it will go a long way toward growing the ministries that we enjoy so much at UNITY!
  • Submit a Time & Talent Form On-Line or download a paper form to turn in later.

If you can consider a 3.3%, 6.7%, or a 10% increase in your giving, it will go a long way toward growing the ministries that we enjoy so much at UNITY!

The UNITY Financial Secretary, Craig Nelson, will record your 2023 Giving Goal estimate.

Watch this video tutorial on how to pledge online.

Enter Your 2023 Giving Goal

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  • Semi-Monthly: Amount x 24

Suggested Methods for Giving:

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