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2021-22 Sunday School Registration

All Are Welcome!

Rally Weekend is September 11-12, 2021!

Preschool through Grade 6

Registration for Both Campuses

image Cross of Life Campus image Christ the King Campus

1. Parent or Guardian

We form a partnership with parents in Christian Ed. You are invited to join any Sunday School leadership team.

I am interested in learning about the following:

2. Student

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3. Info for 2021-22

*Grade of Student

Grade 1          Grade 2
Grade 3          Grade 4
Grade 5          Grade 6

4. *Class Time

Pick a time that your child will attend most of the time. Your child is welcome to attend other classtimes if needed.

Saturday Evening

col Cross of Life Campus
4:00p, Grades 4-5-6
5:00p, PK-Gr 3 (during worship)

Sunday Morning

col Cross of Life Campus
8:15a, PK-Gr 3 (during worship)
9:30a, Grades 4-5
9:30a, Grade 6 (pre-confirmation)
10:45a, PK-Gr 3 (during worship)

Sunday Morning

col Christ the King Campus
9:30a, PK-Gr 3 (during worship)
10:30a, Grades 4-5-6

5. Important!

Provide additional information that will be helpful for the class leader to know about your child.

6. Additional Comments

7. Review Form

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