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UNITY Lutheran Church

Our Vision for a UNITY Backyard!


UNITY Backyard Project Pledge

Pledges can be fulfilled for up to 36-months. This period is over 4 calendar years starting in May 2019 and ending in May 2022.

* Required inputs

*The pledged amount will be given as:
*I will arrange to make payments to the UNITY Backyard Project by:
Authorizing UNITY to modify my EXISTING Vanco EFT account.
Get Form-A
Authorizing UNITY to create a NEW Vanco EFT account.
Get Form-B
Setting up payments with my self-managed Vanco account .
Setting up auto-payments through my bank.
Personal check.
Another payment type. (e.g. Stocks, not sure yet. Describe in Notes.).
I pledge my support for this project with my time and effort.
(e.g. Light landscape work. Or, describe below in Notes.).



Our Goals for the UNITY Backyard

    1)   A place for our own members to use for fun, community, wellness, and spirituality.
    2)   A place for extending a gracious invitation to visitors in the spirit of hospitality.
    3)   A place for our various partners to use for their own group work or together with us.

Learn More About the Project


Download Backyard Project Forms

    Download Pledge Form
    Download Authorize UNITY to modify my EXISTING Vanco EFT account (Form-A)
    Download Authorize UNITY to create a NEW Vanco EFT account (Form-B)
    Go to Vanco Site to self-manage my Backyard Project payment.

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